3Lithium® was born with the objective of offering first quality batteries for different sectors such as nautical, renewable energies, means of transport and in general, any application in which our range of high quality lithium batteries will make a big difference in the performance and durability of your electronic equipment.

In 3Lithium ® we design, manufacture and advise our customers on the type of battery whatever your project.

We have a wide range of batteries for different applications, accessories, chargers and inverters.
Within our catalog of Lithium-Ion batteries we find several series. Even customized voltage.

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- IP68 (Waterproof) Connectors Catalog

Bayonet quick connectors, IP68 waterproof, models M12, M16 and M25.
Ideal for battery-motor and charger connections.
Compatible with our small probe battery models, large probe battery models and traction models.

CATALOGUE IP68 Connectors (Waterproof) 3Lithium 2022-2023

- Transport cases catalog - Box

Transport cases for our range of batteries.
Include double closing flange and inner protection (cubed foams).
Available in 5 models. 1, 2, 2M, 3 and 5.

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SOLUTION... That is the word that best describes our range of products, a group of effective solutions that represent our way of working. Quality, design and effectiveness are our constant objectives. We can manufacture according to the customer's needs, with the shape, size, aesthetics, capacity and voltage required.

Contact us without obligation if you need to complete your project with a quality lithium battery.

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