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  • EL 12.6V Series

    In this series you can find the entire range of 12.6v batteries for electronics, fishfinder, lighting, float tube and all kinds of accessories compatible with this voltage.

  • HV 16.8v Series

    With our range of 16.8v batteries you will discover new features in your equipment such as improvement in the fluidity of touch screens, Better stability in operation and many more options that will be at your fingertips with very compact and lightweight batteries. 

  • Track-Ion Series

    Designed to withstand large workloads. The series of Track-ion batteries ideal for electric motors have both an electronics as a structure different from the rest. This allows a unique performance that will surprise you on first use and for the rest of its lifespan. If you are looking for a lithium battery with power, performance and stability in a compact size, in this section you will find the battery you need.  

  • TR-MAX Series

    Do you have a 24v electric motor? You've come to the right place! Enjoy now the advantages of installing one of our TR24v batteries, There are many differences you will notice with respect to traditional batteries, space saving, incredible reduction in weight, performance and power exceptional. Your boat will now be faster, more agile and will spend less fuel! 

  • Accessories

     Accessories compatible with the entire range of nautical batteries.

  • Chargers

     Chargers compatible with the nautical battery range.

  • Inverters

     Current inverters compatible with the range of nautical batteries.

  • Inverter


    -Float Plus versión 1

    -Minnkota Endura 30lb

    -Minnkota endura 40lb

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