Discover our range of accessories compatible with our Lithium-Ion battery models.


  • JACK connectors

    Range of JACK connectors compatible with our EL 12,6v and HV-LT battery models.

  • XT Connectors

    Range of XT connectors compatible with our EL12.6v, HV 16.8v and TR 12/24v battery models.

  • IP68 Waterproof...

    Range of IP68 waterproof connectors compatible with all our battery models.

    Over cost for factory assembly:

    Small fishfinder Batteries M12 12.90 EUR P.V.P
    Large fishfinder Batteries M16 17.90 EUR P.V.P
    Traction Batteries M25 29.90 EUR P.V.P
  • Load Testers

    A great opportunity to visualize the charge and discharge of your battery in an easy and simple way. Recommended for all those batteries that do not have one previously incorporated from the factory.

    A very useful accessory to perfectly manage the use of your 3Lithium® battery.

  • Connection kit

    Connection kit for batteries with different connector models. JACK, XT and IP68.

  • USB Adapter

    USB adapter with two outputs.

    Simply connect it to your battery and you will have a new free output for your fishfinder and two USB outputs for your sports camera and to charge your phone at the same time. An indispensable accessory for fishermen who love to be always connected and to be able to record all their bites and catches!

    9-18V to 5V 3A

  • Cables

    If you need to place your 3Lithium battery in some strategic place with our high quality cable with silicone sheath you will have a very efficient connection and with all the security that this cable provides.  

    *Price per meter

  • Waterproof Bag

    Hart waterproof bag with connection cable and XT90 connectors included.

    •     Protects against water splashes, rain, etc...
    •     Prepared for the connection of our batteries.
    •     Contains of series two hooks of sujección in the back sides.
  • Transport cases - BOX

    Transport cases for our range of batteries.
    With double locking flap and interior protection of cubed foams.

    We have 5 models available in different sizes: 1, 2, 2M, 3 and 5.

  • Inverters

    Accessories/spare parts for inverters

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